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When it rains, it pours!

Here are my latest articles about Learning Differences & Reading on They cover a range of topics, so there should be something for everyone…

  1. 7 Best Ways to Help your Kids Learn to Read: an article about reading comprehension strategies
  2. Transitioning from High School to College: What Students with Learning Differences Need to Succeed: an article about the changes in law & logistics in this important transition, with help from the folks at New Frontiers in Learning 
  3. Language Development Milestones: What to Watch for in your Child: a list of “Watch For”s and “Don’t Worry About”s
  4. Children with Learning Disabilities: What Services are Public Schools Required to Provide? a summary of eligibility and the IEP process, plus a list of resources for further reading

For a list of all of my articles on Noodle, click here. They mostly encompass Learning Differences, reading, writing, and assistive technology.

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