Neuropsychological Evaluations A-Z

I realize I am in a unique position to get to read many neuropsychological evaluations. I am consistently amazed by the deep analyses made by school psychologists and neuropsychologists, and finding causes and supports for surface behaviors parents and teachers observe. Despite their value, parents occasionally can be wary, which is understandable. If parents choose to opt for an Independent Educational Evaluation, the costs can be exorbitant (especially here in New York). In addition, parents worry about what the schools will do with the information. Lastly, parents can be concerned about the effect of such intensive testing on their child.

image of a brain with focal points

What’s going on in there?

While understandable, many of these concerns are unfounded from my experience (and I have seen many students go through the evaluation process), thus I hope to allay some of these potential fears through a short series about:

Other resources include this Overview of Neuropsychological evaluations.

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