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Neuropsychological Evaluations A-Z

I realize I am in a unique position to get to read many neuropsychological evaluations. I am consistently amazed by the deep analyses made by school psychologists and neuropsychologists, and finding causes and supports for surface behaviors parents and teachers observe. Despite their value, parents occasionally can be wary, which is understandable. If parents choose… Read more »

#LDAOrlando – Wednesday Roundup

Wow! Tuesday felt long & education-filled (#LDAOrlando – Tuesday Roundup), but I was only there for a part of the day. Today felt exponentially longer, but I also feel like I learned even more. I’m grateful to all the speakers for their humor, their energy, and for the occasional prize :º) Once again, I couldn’t be… Read more »

#LDAOrlando – Tuesday Roundup

I have to admit that I did not arrive until the 11:00am sessions, so unfortunately, I missed the keynote (which had me spectacularly bummed since I respect Dr. Fuchs’s work & I’ve only heard positive things about his talk this morning), and the first sessions this morning. Nonetheless, I feel that I have plenty to report… Read more »

YouTube Videos for Narrative Development

I’ve been working with younger kiddoes a lot lately, and since I’ve also been researching the strong connection between language and literacy (more on that later), it’s inspired me to write a post with a list of some of my favorite online videos. Most of them are silent (I like wordless picture books, too!), therefore it… Read more »

Noodle articles

I have been proud of the work that I’ve contributed to the Noodle.com education site, thus I wanted to share some of my favorites to this time. These articles are primarily intended for parents, but all of the articles are research-validated and hold specific information that could be valuable for educators, too. If you are a… Read more »

#SpotDys conference attendees

It was exhilarating to get to speak at Learning Ally’s annual Spotlight on Dyslexia conference. I was wowed by the number of attendees and their expertise. Thank you so much to the attendees of my session for their kind comments (some of which are included below– apologies I don’t have everyone’s name to properly attribute!),… Read more »

8 Reasons I Wish I Were a Student Today

 Click here to Tweet this article I’ve been playing around with Infographics a lot these days. I’ve primarily been using Venngage (@Venngage) since I like their variety of templates, and they’re fairly easy to use (for middle school and up, although I haven’t used it with students yet). If you’re interested in reading more about… Read more »

Growth Mindset and Learning Differences

I’ve been tinkering around with my thoughts about growth mindset for a while when I read this Salon article by Alfie Kohn about the Perils of Growth Mindset last summer. For me, the main argument was that we shouldn’t simply be encouraging kids to “try harder,” when there are systemic problems within our education system. Relatedly, he argues that… Read more »

Project-Based Math

In this post, I will begin to share a handful of project-based math assignments that I’ve used with elementary aged students. I adore math primarily because I find it useful – in every day life, and when thinking about BIG IDEAS. Particularly in elementary school, I think all of the math that students learn is… Read more »

Practice what you Preach (& Tweet)

I had been thinking a lot about Growth Mindset and –to me unrelatedly– thinking about whether I should share my lessons, emails, and musings with you, the reader, more consistently. Well, these seemingly unrelated ideas were merged when Principal Greg Bagby (@gregbagby) shared these valuable resources about a “Lunch and Learn” he did for parents about Growth… Read more »