Learn About: Executive Functions

Weekend Wisdom via Understood.Org

I’m excited to be part of another Experts Live! event called Weekend Wisdom via Understood.Org. As part of their #StartSchoolStrong campaign, they have a month of online events to help caregivers help their kids be successful in the new school year. I am honored to be part of a Weekend Wisdom discussion on extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, some students… Read more »

Testing Accommodations: What to do with Extra Time

Many of my students spent the last month or so taking a standardized assessment of some type or another. While I don’t typically teach traditional “test prep,” I do work on metacognition a lot, therefore I discuss testing strategies that can be beneficial for my students. Among them, are what do with that darn extended time… Read more »

Metacognition for life

I recently wrote an article on Noodle.org about how and why talking to yourself is effective. Teach your students the value of self-talk, and start applying it to your life, too. http://www.noodle.org/articles/talking-to-yourself-works-heres-why-you-should-do