Project-Based Math 2

Like the Project-Based Math assignment I posted earlier, Project-Based Math 2 focuses on a list of architectural feats. Whereas Project 1 focused on New York-based bridges, this one focuses on the 10th tallest towers in the world. These numbers are relatively closer together, so in addition to being about a different subject matter (and thereby engaging different students in different ways), it allows students to recognize patterns and potentially short cuts (e.g. it turns into a 3-digit subtraction problem if both buildings are in the same “thousand”).

Shanghai Tower (second tallest building in the world). Source: Wikipedia (,_2014.jpg)

Shanghai Tower (second tallest building in the world).
Source: Wikipedia (,_2014.jpg)

This project lends itself to various types of deeper study and discussion: What do each of the buildings look like? How were they built? Who designed them? What does an architect do? Where are each of these buildings? What do you notice about where they are in the world (Consider building a Google Map with each on there)? Why do you think there are so many buildings located in certain countries? Why those countries?


Here is the link to the Tall Buildings Project-Based Math assignment. It also focuses on multi-digit subtraction.

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