My Book: Differentiated Reading Instruction

My book is officially published! You can order it via the publisher’s site at Routledge, or Amazon!

Differentiated Reading Instruction

Differentiated Reading Instruction

I wrote a book! For teachers! It’s called Differentiated Reading Instruction: Strategies and Technology Tools to Help All Students Improve.

The book explores how to use evidence-based strategies to reach all types of learners, with a focus on students in 4th-8th grades. The book defines differentiation via a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lens, highlighting ways to provide Multiple Means of Representation, Action and Expression, and Engagement. Not only does the book differentiate for students, though, teachers are differentiated for as well (practice what you preach!). Easily skim the book for the latest research, and find (mostly free) tools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of technology. While the word “reading” is in the title, the book is intended for all teachers of middle grade students as students are required to read for content areas and electives, too.

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UPDATE: August 2016

I wrote a Reading Guide! You can access it for free by clicking here: Differentiated Reading Instruction Reading Guide. Perfect to guide your learning with your colleagues, administrators, or even for a self-study.



Roseanne, Thank you for our interest! Will do!
And for the rest of you, I will update it on this site. Right now it’s looking to be June 1, 2016.


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