10 Best Interactive Stories for iPad

Actual books will never go out of style, and all children should learn the wonders that can be held on paper, alone. However, sometimes, there can be a benefit to stories presented on an iPad as well (even when not being used as an assistive technology device).

Below are my picks for Top Ten Interactive Stories for iPad. There are many others out there, and I welcome recommendations in the comments! In no particular order…

  1. Scruffy Kitty: a simple interactive book for younger readers. 5 language options available.
  2. Speech with Milo (Interactive Storybook): Especially good for students who are using other Milo apps and are familiar with the characters, but no background knowledge required, so it’s a great fit for any younger reader. Nicely illustrated with bright colors.
  3. Little Polar Bear: Okay, I’m biased. My favorite animal is a polar bear. BUT this app is wonderful nonetheless. With options to have the story read to you or not, the pictures animate as you go along, and provide fun (but not too distracting) sound effects throughout
  4. Town Mouse and Country Mouse: Great for younger students and for somewhat older (still elementary-aged) students learning about fables. Has lots of games within the story, which can prove to be distracting, but it can also be a great motivating tool. Just make sure that the page is read before beginning the games.
  5. Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish: With characters from the excellent story, Rainbow Fish, each page has some amount of interactivity (although not all of it is necessary for the plot, so it has the potential to become distracting).
  6. Mr. Fox and Mr. Rabbit: One of my favorites! Deceptively simple, but adorable and just silly enough. Not too much interactivity, but the sound effects are fun!
  7. Hide Run Growl: For preschool and kindergarten ages, these stories are
  8. Wanderful Storybooks: Requires in-app purchases to get a real library, but the wide selection of stories and interactivity they provide make it worth it. Samples available with the free app.
  9. Middle School Confidential 1 & 2: for older students, these comics write about real issues, and the interactivity allows students to zoom in on various parts of the book to really understand and analyze it
  10. …and the Ulimate Interactive Story is: Brush of Truth. Inviting students to add to elements of the plot, and truly participate in their reading. It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure for the 21st Century!


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