Advantages of Having Dyslexia

Whether dyslexia is a disability, a difference, or something else, research has demonstrated multiple advantages to having dyslexia. A few of them are highlighted below (in honor of Dyslexia Awareness month).

  • Better ability to process visual periphery and/or the “visual gist” or meanings of images than NTs (Neurotypicals), which can be useful in multiple fields, including architecture and astronomy
  • From the Eides (authors of The Dyslexia Advantage), the “MIND” talents:
    • Material or spatial reasoning, which can be useful for designers and engineers
    • Interconnectedness: Higher verbal reasoning for connecting seemingly-disconnected ideas (finding analogies, etc.)
    • Narrative reasoning: which includes a great memory for personal experiences (which can be helpful for poets, essayists, memoirists, etc.)
    • Dynamic Reasoning: ability to reason in novel situations
  • Potential link to creativity and business acumen
  • “Wider multi-dimensional neural tuning of sensory processing interacting with wider spatial attention” (which includes visual and auditory processing, with distractions)
  • With proper supports, resilience, and the power to mentor and share your experiences with others

Sources: Interdys, YCDC, Wired, New York Times

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