Learn About: Reading Fluency & Spelling

Advantages of Having Dyslexia

Whether dyslexia is a disability, a difference, or something else, research has demonstrated multiple advantages to having dyslexia. A few of them are highlighted below (in honor of Dyslexia Awareness month). Better ability to process visual periphery and/or the “visual gist” or meanings of images than NTs (Neurotypicals), which can be useful in multiple fields, including architecture… Read more »

Famous People With Dyslexia

For Dyslexia Awareness Month (October), I wanted to write a series of posts that focus on dyslexia from multiple viewpoints. To start, here’s a list of Top 10 famous people who have dyslexia or dyslexia-like symptoms, and a quote from each about their struggles or successes: Vince Vaughn (actor) “When you have these setbacks, you… Read more »

More articles on Noodle.com

When it rains, it pours! Here are my latest articles about Learning Differences & Reading on Noodle.com. They cover a range of topics, so there should be something for everyone… 7 Best Ways to Help your Kids Learn to Read: an article about reading comprehension strategies Transitioning from High School to College: What Students with… Read more »

Reading and Writing Milestones (article on Noodle.com)

As you can see, I have been busy! This is my latest article on Noodle.com, which looks at typical reading and writing development, or Reading and Writing Milestones. It highlights what children should be learning, and when. Though less specific than the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the goals do align with the Foundational, Reading, and… Read more »

Top 5 Myths about Dyslexia: Busted! An article on Noodle.com

I am thrilled to announce my latest article on Noodle.com, entitled “5 Myths About Dyslexia: Busted.” It lists common beliefs about dyslexia, then corrects those illusions with the most current research about reading. Some of the language is a little fancy, but it is intended for teachers, parents, and even high school students. Click through the sources to read more… Read more »

5 Best Spelling Apps

I had a previous post about 10 Best Spelling Games, which included lots of fun games that were for students who may have struggled with spelling, but did not require structured, multi-sensory instruction. For students who do require that, apps are still limited (That’s why my list only has 5, not 10 apps, as usual). I use… Read more »

Top 10 Spelling Game Apps

Sometimes (particularly in the summer), I like to assign Spelling Games for my students who are struggling with spelling, but do not need strictly hierarchical, multi-sensory instruction. These are for my older students who have learned many spelling rules, but require more practice. These are intended for independent practice only, as there is no inherent instructional element to… Read more »

Built-in Text-to-Speech Applications

Welcome to the future of accessibility! All devices now have built-in text-to-speech applications. These tools help individuals who have difficulty with decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, or for students who have visual impairments. It can also be a handy tool for someone attempting to multi-task: your devices can read you steps of a recipe while you’re cooking, or… Read more »