Poetry About Dyslexia

Many of my students enjoy writing poetry. Its lack of structure is freeing, and it’s a wonderful outlet for self-reflection for them. Here are a 5 poems I found about dyslexia. The poets are not famous, but they do articulate their feelings about dyslexia in eloquent, relatable ways.

  1. My Dyslexia, by Kenjli
  2. Dyslexia and Me, by Natalie Davies
  3. A Boy Sits, by Oscar Kowkolski
  4. Reading is, by Brigid Davidson
  5. The Gift, Dyslexia Blueprint, and Mt. Dyslexia, each for a fundraiser for “Dyslexiaville”


Poetry is not only an outlet for some students. For some, it can be a career! Pulitzer Prize winning Philip Schultz is an author and poet with dyslexia. Read about his poetry, progress, and process on the New York Times.

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