Simulations of Dyslexia

While those who do not have dyslexia may never fully know what it is like to have dyslexia, below are a few simulations that I like that simulate the difficulty of reading and writing fluency.

  • PBS has an amazing series of simulations called “Misunderstood” which includes examples of difficulties with: attention, reading, writing, and math. I’ve seen educators do all of the things that our students typically do while participating in these: shutting down, goofing off, going into a quiet space, asking for repetition, getting anxious, etc.
  • WebAIM has a short simulation, for which I found the timer particularly stressful
  • In this video by the Leaders Project, special educator and speech-language pathologist does a short simulation of what it is like to have a Writing disability, which emulates what many students with dyslexia feel when they are given the task of writing something
  • The F.A.T. City workshop can now be streamed on Youtube. It is a video of a group of educators, parents, siblings, and students with disabilities undergoing a simulation of what it is like to have a learning disability. A classic!
  • If you happen to be in/near Toronto, Canada the Integra Foundation runs an excellent workshop called Walk a Mile in My Shoes, which is an interactive workshop that explores a range of learning disabilities, which includes simulations

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