Top 10 Spelling Game Apps

Sometimes (particularly in the summer), I like to assign Spelling Games for my students who are struggling with spelling, but do not need strictly hierarchical, multi-sensory instruction. These are for my older students who have learned many spelling rules, but require more practice. These are intended for independent practice only, as there is no inherent instructional element to them. In “real life,” I like Bananagrams, Boggle, Word Searches, and Hangman. Below are my Top 10 Favorite Apps (many of which mirror my favorite offline games)…

  1. SpellGrid: a lot like Boggle, SpellGrid offers students a grid, from which to find as many words as they can
  2. Letris: a combination of Tetris and Boggle, this game has letters falling from the sky, and students need to make words from the random assortment of letters



  3. Word Warp Xtreme: like Text Twist, this game is an anagram-based one that requires students to find various words within large words
  4. Bonza: also like Tetris, Bonza requires students to combine random shapes with letters written within them to form words (kind of like banagrams). What I like most about it is the words are always linked by a category, which is great as a clue, and also for cognition

    Bonza Screen Grab-page-001


  5. Word Abacus: has students searching for strings of letters that form words
  6. Ultimate Word Search: as the name suggests, this game is an app-based word search game
  7. Spelling Ninjas: the earlier levels are much too simplistic but there are more difficult levels as you go along
  8. Crossword Adventure for Kids: a little on the easy side as a starter, it does have higher levels that are appropriate for later elementary and middle school students


    Crossword Adventure for Kids

  9. Ultimate Hangman: a well-illustrated hangman game
  10. Words With Friends: I just had to include the infamous Scrabble-like game

For younger learners, check out this list from Reading Rockets.


(All images courtesy of the App Store)

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