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#LDAOrlando – Wednesday Roundup

Wow! Tuesday felt long & education-filled (#LDAOrlando – Tuesday Roundup), but I was only there for a part of the day. Today felt exponentially longer, but I also feel like I learned even more. I’m grateful to all the speakers for their humor, their energy, and for the occasional prize :º) Once again, I couldn’t be… Read more »

Practice What You Preach

Practice what you Preach: Accessibility on Websites Edition. My husband, a web developer, has talked to me a lot about accessibility on the web – everything from the contrast (think NOT your typical geocities or angelfire site) to the font size, and from layout to highlighting the importance of not only having captions on my pictures, but… Read more »

COPS editing checklist

To help students become more independent and better at self-monitoring their writing, I give them a post-it checklist. The benefit is not only that they hit all the points (capitalization, order, punctuation, and spelling), but since they each have a separate checkbox, students are encouraged to check for each separately, thereby ensuring that their focus is not… Read more »

Reading and Writing Milestones (article on

As you can see, I have been busy! This is my latest article on, which looks at typical reading and writing development, or Reading and Writing Milestones. It highlights what children should be learning, and when. Though less specific than the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the goals do align with the Foundational, Reading, and… Read more »

5 Best Spelling Apps

I had a previous post about 10 Best Spelling Games, which included lots of fun games that were for students who may have struggled with spelling, but did not require structured, multi-sensory instruction. For students who do require that, apps are still limited (That’s why my list only has 5, not 10 apps, as usual). I use… Read more »

Top 10 Spelling Game Apps

Sometimes (particularly in the summer), I like to assign Spelling Games for my students who are struggling with spelling, but do not need strictly hierarchical, multi-sensory instruction. These are for my older students who have learned many spelling rules, but require more practice. These are intended for independent practice only, as there is no inherent instructional element to… Read more »