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Podcast for 1 Year(s) Teaching

Hi there! Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Justin from the 1st Year(s) Teaching podcast. I had heard about the podcast because of his interview with NPR Ed writer Anya Kamenetz. We discussed common misconceptions, philosophies about teaching, and technology tools to support all learners. Listen here!

Guest Blog: 5 Google Tools to Support All Levels of Reading

In order to reach different types of readers, I’ve submitted some guest blogs to other sites. More means more feedback, and more information dissemination about tools and best practices I’m passionate about. I am honored to be featured on the Emerging EdTech blog (by Kelly Walsh). Read my guest blog: 5 Google Tools to Support All… Read more »

4 Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

I use Google Chrome extensions for a variety of reasons, but some of them simply help me work more efficiently. Below, I list 4 Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity   Google Docs Quick Create helps you do exactly that: simply click on the extension and select the type of Google Drive Application you would like to create:… Read more »

#LDAOrlando Session Extras

Welcome, blog readers & session attendees, alike! My #LDAOrlando presentation, Reading with Google: How App and Extensions Can Help (minus a few simulations and jokes) can be accessed on my Events page. However, as multiple attendees asked about learning more about Google Apps for Education (GAfE), I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs and Youtube… Read more »

Google Chrome Shortcuts to Love

Since Valentine’s Day was earlier this week, love is in the air, so I have been thinking about tools that I love and how they help me. Let me count the ways… Roses are red, Violets are blue, When you make a mistake, shortcuts can help you. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Shortcuts save… Read more »

YouTube Videos for Narrative Development

I’ve been working with younger kiddoes a lot lately, and since I’ve also been researching the strong connection between language and literacy (more on that later), it’s inspired me to write a post with a list of some of my favorite online videos. Most of them are silent (I like wordless picture books, too!), therefore it… Read more »

Google Level 1 Certification

Yay! This morning I passed the Google Level 1 Certification! I had obtained my Google Educator certification about 2 years back, and it was valid through November (despite the new criteria coming out), so I finally decided to renew to the new Certifications. Bearing in mind the NDA, I will simply say that it consisted of… Read more »

Close Viewing Strategies

Below is an infographic I made on @Venngage, which highlights how to learn from and watch videos as you would any other text. It is heavily influenced by Close Reading research (and sources are cited at the bottom). Soon to come: videos with examples of close viewing strategies applied to them. In the meantime: what are… Read more »

YouTube Tips for Teachers

Click here to Tweet this article   YouTube is an incredibly useful tool – it can explain information, it can explore worlds that children have never seen, it can increase engagement (don’t get me started on schools that block YouTube). Approach videos the same way you would any other text: with Close Reading (or Close Viewing?). As with… Read more »

Project-Based Math 3

Like the previous two assignments (Project-Based Math, Project-Based Math 2), Project-Based Math 3 focuses on multi-digit subtraction. Unlike the other two projects which focused on distance, this project was focused on time. It was well incorporated within a study of the Middle Ages that included studies of daily life and inventions. To get a sense of how… Read more »