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#inthenews: July edition

Want to listen to┬áthis post? Highlight text, click the speaker, and it will be read aloud to you, thanks to GSpeech technology! I have seen the Great Predictor of Reading Disabilities pop up #inthenews multiple, trusted sources, so I felt the need to comment. I have to admit that my thoughts on this aren’t 100%… Read more »

#inthenews March 3

The New York City public schools have lifted the ban on cell phones in schools. While some are focusing on nervous moms, or coddled students, I’m simply excited that cell phones will be able to be used for educational purposes. Stuck? View these resources for tips about how & why to use cell phones in… Read more »

#inthenews March 1

It was #thedress that broke the internet. What color was that dress, and what did it mean that we couldn’t all agree?   Some said it was a powerful statement about autism since it highlighted visual/sensory processing differences in a very real way, without saying one or the other way was “better.”   It reminded… Read more »