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Weekend Wisdom via Understood.Org

I’m excited to be part of another Experts Live! event called Weekend Wisdom via Understood.Org. As part of their #StartSchoolStrong campaign, they have a month of online events to help caregivers help their kids be successful in the new school year. I am honored to be part of a Weekend Wisdom discussion on extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, some students… Read more »

The Benefits of Obtaining a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Despite the potential cost (if a family decides to opt for an Independent Educational Evaluation) and the necessary time commitment, Neuropsychological Evaluations can be immensely helpful in helping you and your child’s teachers and support team understand how your child’s brain works, and how best to support him/her. The Benefits of Obtaining a Neuropsychological Evaluation… Read more »

Neuropsychological Evaluations A-Z

I realize I am in a unique position to get to read many neuropsychological evaluations. I am consistently amazed by the deep analyses made by school psychologists and neuropsychologists, and finding causes and supports for surface behaviors parents and teachers observe. Despite their value, parents occasionally can be wary, which is understandable. If parents choose… Read more »