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Close Viewing Strategies

Below is an infographic I made on @Venngage, which highlights how to learn from and watch videos as you would any other text. It is heavily influenced by Close Reading research (and sources are cited at the bottom). Soon to come: videos with examples of close viewing strategies applied to them. In the meantime: what are… Read more »

Testing Accommodations: What to do with Extra Time

Many of my students spent the last month or so taking a standardized assessment of some type or another. While I don’t typically teach traditional “test prep,” I do work on metacognition a lot, therefore I discuss testing strategies that can be beneficial for my students. Among them, are what do with that darn extended time… Read more »

Stop #summerslide: Reading Comprehension (Middle School Edition)

The underlying principles for middle schoolers is similar to that of Elementary school students, but I require more frequent and more deep thinking from them (synthesis and making connections).  Here are my summer tips for middle school students (and some high schoolers, too). Reading Comprehension Tips (Middle Grades) General Tips/Thoughts some middle school students who… Read more »

Stop #summerslide: Reading Fluency (Middle School Edition)

Continuing on my quest to stop #summerslide, below are some resources to share with upper elementary, middle school/middle grades students, and even high schoolers. Reading Fluency Tips (Middle Grades)   General Tips/Thoughts reading fluency includes rate, accuracy, and intonation of reading. These can be worked on separately, or all together almost all kids are helped… Read more »

Diigo: Chrome Extension We Love (Google-a-Day)

If a Kindle and a Kurweil 3000 had a baby, they’d make Diigo library. Diigo is one of my favorite online learning tools for middle school and high school students. What it Does Diigo library lets you: highlight (in multiple colors) add sticky notes share pages share notes add tags compile all of your notes &… Read more »

Best Technology Tools for the Classroom

This week was a holiday week, so I took a break from my Google-a-Day posts to let you know about a Jedi Mind Trick, and share an oldie-but-goodie. I’d shared this list with several educators, but never formally published it before. So, here they are! —– From K to 12 and Math to Science, there seems… Read more »

Jedi Mind Trick 1

A former colleague of mine used to talk about “Jedi Mind Tricks.” It’s that thing where you make the students think they’re choosing something, but they’re not. Yes, it’s sneaky, but it works, makes students feel empowered, and I’m always well-meaning when I do it (I swear!). Here’s my first Jedi Mind Trick that I… Read more »

Google Search for Educators: Weekly Roundup (Google-a-Day)

Hello, fellow Educators! I felt like my week’s tips were a little bit all over the place, but also that there were some good tips in there! Allow me to summarize the tips that I shared, with links to the articles that go into each tool in detail. Search Google by Time to help with… Read more »

Google Search Bar Hacks 2 (Google-a-Day)

Part 2 of our series on Google Search bar hacks. On Tuesday, you learned how to use the search bar to search for exact phrases, eliminate words, or find variations on a phrase. On Thursday (yesterday), you learned how to use the search bar to search Google by file type and a specific site or… Read more »

Google Search Bar Hacks 1 (Google-a-Day)

As promised, below are some ways to search Google by time, reading level, site/domain, usage rights, or file type without using Google Advanced Search. Most are search bar hacks, hence the title of this post! Tomorrow, I will post even more things that you can do in the search bar (other than searching, of course). Searching by Time… Read more »