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Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)

Click here to Tweet this article  I’ve referenced SRSD in probably all of my posts about writing (and many reading posts, too), but I haven’t written an introductory post about it, which seems silly. As I attempt to share many of my resources about writing interventions, I wanted to define what Self-Regulated Strategy Strategy Development (SRSD)… Read more »

Stop #summerslide: Reading Comprehension (Middle School Edition)

The underlying principles for middle schoolers is similar to that of Elementary school students, but I require more frequent and more deep thinking from them (synthesis and making connections).  Here are my summer tips for middle school students (and some high schoolers, too). Reading Comprehension Tips (Middle Grades) General Tips/Thoughts some middle school students who… Read more »

TIDE keychains for writing strong paragraphs

Like the summary keychains, these keychains encourage students to become more independent when writing paragraphs than a traditional scaffold or fill-in-the-blank, but it still provides enough support that it helps students write rich paragraphs. It can be used in the third stage (Model it!) of SRSD, before students have memorized the mnemonic completely. Print your… Read more »

SRSD: Models

A key component in Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) is providing your students with sufficient models, which they then use to score, critique, revise, and then as a sample for their own writing. Sometimes I write my own models. Sometimes I use previous or current student work. Other times, neither of those will do. So, where can you… Read more »

SRSD: ASHA Schools 2014 Poster, Handout, and Appreciation

I’d never been to an ASHA Schools conference before, and I was missing out! As an SLP and Learning Specialist who works with a school-aged population, I’ve often found the Annual ASHA conference overwhelming, irrelevant, and hit-or-miss. The ASHA Schools conference was an entirely different experience: speakers were primarily or all invited, sessions were longer, and everything… Read more »