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#ISTE2015: Sunday Round-up

I was only at ISTE for two and a half hours today, and I have so much to say that I wanted to blog about it right away (I can only imagine how much I’ll have to say after a 12-hour day tomorrow!). My evening started with the keynote by Soledad O’Brien (@soledadobrien). She. Was…. Read more »

#inthenews March 3

The New York City public schools have lifted the ban on cell phones in schools. While some are focusing on nervous moms, or coddled students, I’m simply excited that cell phones will be able to be used for educational purposes. Stuck? View these resources for tips about how & why to use cell phones in… Read more »

#inthenews March 1

It was #thedress that broke the internet. What color was that dress, and what did it mean that we couldn’t all agree?   Some said it was a powerful statement about autism since it highlighted visual/sensory processing differences in a very real way, without saying one or the other way was “better.”   It reminded… Read more »

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Supports & Technology Tools

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are surrounded by a lot of questions – from parents and educators alike. I spent several years working with students with a range of skills, but they all progressed, so I know that all kids can. One major obstacle is parents not knowing what information to believe, what to advocate for, and… Read more »

Strengths of People with Learning Disabilities

I’m so proud of my article on about strengths of people with Learning Disabilities. I had excellent editors, and it’s certainly more comprehensive than the nugget it started from (on this site). Read it, share it, upvote it, comment on it, whatever you do, remember it as you work with students with learning disabilities.

Portrait of a Great Teacher

Great Teacher gets to work a few minutes early so she* can chat with the other Early Birds. Having one-on-one non-academic conversations with each student is crucial. This helps students feel respected, and in turn, it helps them respect you back (which reduces behavioral issues). Great teacher happily discusses her weekend with her students at… Read more »

Best Technology Tools for the Classroom

This week was a holiday week, so I took a break from my Google-a-Day posts to let you know about a Jedi Mind Trick, and share an oldie-but-goodie. I’d shared this list with several educators, but never formally published it before. So, here they are! —– From K to 12 and Math to Science, there seems… Read more »

Jedi Mind Trick 1

A former colleague of mine used to talk about “Jedi Mind Tricks.” It’s that thing where you make the students think they’re choosing something, but they’re not. Yes, it’s sneaky, but it works, makes students feel empowered, and I’m always well-meaning when I do it (I swear!). Here’s my first Jedi Mind Trick that I… Read more »

Google Search for Educators: Weekly Roundup (Google-a-Day)

Hello, fellow Educators! I felt like my week’s tips were a little bit all over the place, but also that there were some good tips in there! Allow me to summarize the tips that I shared, with links to the articles that go into each tool in detail. Search Google by Time to help with… Read more »

Google Search Bar Hacks 2 (Google-a-Day)

Part 2 of our series on Google Search bar hacks. On Tuesday, you learned how to use the search bar to search for exact phrases, eliminate words, or find variations on a phrase. On Thursday (yesterday), you learned how to use the search bar to search Google by file type and a specific site or… Read more »