Google Chrome Shortcuts to Love

Since Valentine’s Day was earlier this week, love is in the air, so I have been thinking about tools that I love and how they help me. Let me count the ways…

Shortcuts, how I love thee…

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
When you make a mistake, shortcuts can help you.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Shortcuts save you time. Is there anything they can’t do?!

I use shortcuts constantly, namely for productivity and efficiency, or to make up for the many, many mistakes that I make. Below are my 5 favorite shortcuts for Google Chrome:

  1. Reopen closed tabs: if you click Command+Shift+T, Chrome will reopen in order from most to least recently closed. You’d be surprised how often you realize you close tabs you still need!
  2. Undo: a classic along the lines of an LBD. Command+Z undoes the last action you did (works in Google Drive).
  3. Open a new tab: Command+T opens up a new tab
  4. Open a link in a new tab: If you “right click” on a link (aka hold down Command+Click), the link will open up in a new tab. BONUS: you can duplicate the tab you are in by clicking Command+L and then hitting Control+Enter/Return button
  5. Switch between tabs: Although I’ve been trying to cut down on having a zillion tabs open, sometimes it is necessary for productivity (esp. when I’m looking up how to do something while simultaneously doing it). In order to switch between tabs, hold down Command+Alt+arrow keys (left or right, depending on which way you’d like to go). BONUS: You can also go to a specific tab by holding down Command+# (e.g. the first tab would be Command+1).

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