Google Level 1 Certification

Yay! This morning I passed the Google Level 1 Certification! I had obtained my Google Educator certification about 2 years back, and it was valid through November (despite the new criteria coming out), so I finally decided to renew to the new Certifications.

Bearing in mind the NDA, I will simply say that it consisted of questions that are similar to the Training Center and Unit Review questions (within the Training Center), along with performance tasks (like the one listed on these Sample Questions). The majority of my test consisted of performance tasks, and as a regular Google Apps for Education user, I found the performance tasks to be easier than the written questions since they relied more on my procedural memory than my semantic memory (can you tell I love psycholinguistics?). I also ended up completing the test in under the allotted time (180 minutes), but I would set aside the full time, especially if you feel you will need to do some research during the test, as that part can take the longest.

I continue to be unclear on the passing criteria, nor on how Google programmed the passing criteria (for the performance tasks in particular). If you are a regular user of GAfE, I think you need not worry! If you fail, you have other opportunities to succeed (first after 7 days, then after 25 days; see the FAQ). If you fail for a second time, it may be a great opportunity to attend a GAfE training session. I have enjoyed EdTech Team’s summits for their professionalism and engaging presentations, but there are other notable Boot Camp trainers. The summits are also a great opportunity to expand your Personal Learning Network (PLN) to collaborate and learn even after the summit is over.

On to Level 2 later this week!

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