#LDAOrlando Session Extras

Welcome, blog readers & session attendees, alike! My #LDAOrlando presentation, Reading with Google: How App and Extensions Can Help (minus a few simulations and jokes) can be accessed on my Events page.

However, as multiple attendees asked about learning more about Google Apps for Education (GAfE), I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs and Youtube Channels for learning about Google tools. My book will also have a lot of these step-by-steps, so be sure to pre-order.

I Love Learning. Don't You?

I Love Learning. Don’t You?

Blogs and Videos about Google Apps for Education:

  • Teacher Tech: Alice Keeler seems to know everything about Google! She writes about all things Google Apps for Education, including Google Classroom, and has a range of resources from beginners to pros.
  • Free Technology for Teachers: Richard Byrne’s sites has resources about anything under the sun, but his Google Tutorials are particularly relevant to the tools I introduced.
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: this site also has diverse resources about edtech, but their Google Drive 4 Teachers section will be most useful for those who want to learn more about GAfE
  • Sylvia Duckworth’s Google Resources page is a true rabbit hole. It has links to her ingenious tools (such as creating a Choose Your Own Adventure), but she also has links to other, respected Google Tool innovators and scholars.
  • Shake Up Learning: Kasey Bell’s site has a plethora of resources in the form of blogs, Cheat Sheets and eBooks about all things Google
  • Google A-Z: Monica Martinez presented at the first EdTech Team Summit I attended, and her site really is the A-Z of all things Google.
  • New Visions Cloud Lab: For those of you familiar with Google fundamentals, New Visions has numerous, free Add-Ons and Google Tools for increasing your productivity. All come with instructional videos or links to question pages/G+ communites.

Want to learn more? Book me for a day-long or multi-day workshop, or attend an EdTech Team Summit (which provides GAfE tips for teachers)


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