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Google Search Bar Hacks 1 (Google-a-Day)

As promised, below are some ways to search Google by time, reading level, site/domain, usage rights, or file type without using Google Advanced Search. Most are search bar hacks, hence the title of this post! Tomorrow, I will post even more things that you can do in the search bar (other than searching, of course). Searching by Time… Read more »

Google Advanced Search 2 (Google-a-Day)

Welcome back! This post is going to be chock full of information! The bottom half of Google Advanced Search has almost too many features (just kidding… there’s no such thing!). Read on to see explanations of the “how” and “why” of searching by time, by reading level, by file type, and usage rights. Google Search… Read more »

Google Advanced Search 1 (Google-a-Day)

Google Advanced search is amazing. If you haven’t used it (yet!), get ready to make your life a whole lot more interesting, easy, and intentional! Educators worry about setting their students free on the world wide web. Like any web, some of our little bugs can get stuck or caught in the web. We want… Read more »

Sort by Time (Google-a-Day)

My first google-a-day tip focusing on Search Features focuses on sorting by time. Although we can’t control it or limit it in real life, we can on Google! Why would I want to sort my Google Searches by time? the primary use is to get the most recent news about current events you can also use… Read more »

This week in Google-a-Day

Calendars: can’t live with them, can’t live without them! This week’s 5 google-a-day were all about calendars. View each by clicking the links below: How to have multiple calendars in Google Calendar How to share calendars in Google Calendar How to add an attachment in Google Calendar How to add reminders in Google Calendar How to… Read more »

Google Calendar as Learning Management System (Google-a-Day)

A very brief introduction to the idea of using Google Calendar as a way of posting and sharing assignments. Why do I need a Learning Management System (LMS)? it increases communication between teachers and other people (students, parents, tutors and other specialists, and other teachers) most schools are using them, so it’s important for students to get used… Read more »

Reminders from Google Calendar (Google-a-Day)

Reminders are helpful for students, who benefit from reminders before an assignment is due. Reminders are helpful for parents, who benefit from reminders before a form is due. Reminders are helpful for teachers, who benefit from reminders before an event is about to happen. Can you tell that I’m a fan? I like that I… Read more »

Adding Attachments to Calendar (Google-a-Day)

Adding Attachments to my Calendars has transformed my life. For my personal life, it’s allowed me to upload pdf’s of tickets to concerts or the opera, so it no longer mattered who got to a venue first. Professionally, it has been transformative in helping students who tend to lose things, and in increasing transparency for parents, caregivers, babysitters,… Read more »

Sharing Calendars (Google-a-Day)

The ability to share calendars has been a huge life-saver professionally and personally. The benefits of sharing calendars include: easier planning for meetings (I can simply share all of my calendars and then people will be able to see when I have prep or meeting times available) knowing when school-wide or program-wide events happen (field… Read more »

Multiple Calendars (Google-a-Day)

One calendar feature I really like is the fact that I can have multiple calendars. Tomorrow, I will write about the benefits of being able to share different calendars, but even without sharing, multiple calendars allow me to keep my sanity. Multiple calendars can be helpful for: separating personal from professional calendars differentiating between departments or… Read more »