Practice What You Preach

Practice what you Preach: Accessibility on Websites Edition.

My husband, a web developer, has talked to me a lot about accessibility on the web – everything from the contrast (think NOT your typical geocities or angelfire site) to the font size, and from layout to highlighting the importance of not only having captions on my pictures, but also descriptions (and shame on me! They still don’t always!).


Read it to me!

Read it to me!

As someone who works with individuals with dyslexia and reading difficulties, I’m particularly interested in accessibility for reading. Therefore, as of today, all of my posts can be highlighted and read aloud to you, even if you do not have a text-to-speech built-in tool or extension at your disposal, you can listen to my posts. Thank you, GSpeech!

Another simple way to listen to my blog posts (or anyone’s!) is via Podcastomatic – it turns any blog or blog post into a podcast (or series of podcasts). Simply copy & past the URL, and you can listen right there, or even download an mp3 for later listening. So easy!

Similarly, because many of my students/students’ parents/viewers also have writing difficulties, thanks to #ISTE2015, I learned about the Speakpipe plugin, so I’m now using that for Voice Comments. This way, any commenters who would prefer to say their comments can feel free to do so. Yaaay, technology!

If you want to read more, I found a thorough 2-part article by @UXAndrew.  Part 1 begins with a thoughtful metaphor, and Part 2 includes the 7 UDL Principles to design by. While they are aimed at web developers, they are useful for anyone with a website. I love how much I still have to learn!

What accessibility features are YOU already using, and which will YOU prioritize? Write or voice your comment!

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