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Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)

Click here to Tweet this article  I’ve referenced SRSD in probably all of my posts about writing (and many reading posts, too), but I haven’t written an introductory post about it, which seems silly. As I attempt to share many of my resources about writing interventions, I wanted to define what Self-Regulated Strategy Strategy Development (SRSD)… Read more »

Writing Letters to Poem Characters

In Honor of National Poetry Month…   I love to have my students write letters. Most of the time, they’re to real people…like the president…who always writes back! There is nothing more exciting to a child than getting a letter from the president, let me tell you. Letters are great because they make children know they… Read more »

COPS editing checklist

To help students become more independent and better at self-monitoring their writing, I give them a post-it checklist. The benefit is not only that they hit all the points (capitalization, order, punctuation, and spelling), but since they each have a separate checkbox, students are encouraged to check for each separately, thereby ensuring that their focus is not… Read more »

TIDE keychains for writing strong paragraphs

Like the summary keychains, these keychains encourage students to become more independent when writing paragraphs than a traditional scaffold or fill-in-the-blank, but it still provides enough support that it helps students write rich paragraphs. It can be used in the third stage (Model it!) of SRSD, before students have memorized the mnemonic completely. Print your… Read more »

Summary keychains

I like using summary frames (fill-in-the-blanks) to help students work on the content of their writing, while providing a structure for their ideas. When paired with explicit instruction about the parts of a summary, it helps students internalize the structure. In releasing my responsibility, and helping students become more independent in this process, I find that a… Read more »

More articles on Noodle.com

When it rains, it pours! Here are my latest articles about Learning Differences & Reading on Noodle.com. They cover a range of topics, so there should be something for everyone… 7 Best Ways to Help your Kids Learn to Read: an article about reading comprehension strategies Transitioning from High School to College: What Students with… Read more »

SRSD: Models

A key component in Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) is providing your students with sufficient models, which they then use to score, critique, revise, and then as a sample for their own writing. Sometimes I write my own models. Sometimes I use previous or current student work. Other times, neither of those will do. So, where can you… Read more »

SRSD: ASHA Schools 2014 Poster, Handout, and Appreciation

I’d never been to an ASHA Schools conference before, and I was missing out! As an SLP and Learning Specialist who works with a school-aged population, I’ve often found the Annual ASHA conference overwhelming, irrelevant, and hit-or-miss. The ASHA Schools conference was an entirely different experience: speakers were primarily or all invited, sessions were longer, and everything… Read more »

Link to Love: Interactive Graphic Organizers 2

The ReadWriteThink site is extensive and has several amazing resources like lesson plans, articles, videos, and printouts, to name a few. The resources that I think I use the most, however, are the interactive graphic organizers… of which there are many! Which are your favorites?

Link to Love: Interactive Graphic Organizers 1

I love the HOLT website since they have diverse graphic organizers for a variety of genres and writing tasks, and you have the option of downloading the organizers OR writing on them online. Students tend to love the latter! Which oneself you or will you use the most?